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Lunni is ideal for B2B companies looking to boost their sales and who want to use 3rd millenium salestools for customer acquisition and customer relations management.


Clear and visual reports -make better decisions based on actual data.

Sales Management

Easy sales activity management, drive team performance and reach the goals.

Sales rep

Automate routines and let Lunni make activity tracking easy and effortless. Work in the office or on the go, you can access CRM data anywhere from your mobile. Visual sales pipeline will help you close deals faster and stay on top your opportunities..

End Customer

Enhance customer experience with better communication and documentation.


Lunni offers 3rd millennium tools for systematic lead acquisition and management & growing and activating your existing accounts. 

Online demo is an efficient way to get to know Lunni solutions in more detail. It is most important for us to understand how our clients operate their daily business and what are the most central needs in order to serve in the best possible way. Don’t hesitate to contact us!



Let’s get to know your specific needs and the possibilities of Lunni solutions together.

Contracts, demos, specifications.

Markku Räisänen

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Accounts, projects and training

Let’s stick to the plan and get to work!

Online sales, HR and financial administration

We use every change to help our customers succeed. Let’s get the wheels rolling!

Development related issues?

If you are in need of additional features, new automation solutions or integrations, I’m just the right person to contact. 

Valtteri Korolainen

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Customer support, training and online-marketing

Let’s make your processes as smooth as possible by adjusting the system and sparring the users in order to get the best possible user experience.

Maiju Hämäläinen

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